Wednesday, October 26, 2011


For this post I feel as though not much writing is needed because my video pretty much explains it all. For all of you jerks out there who like to honk your car horn at runners, hopefully this video will make you change your mind a little bit. It's not funny. You're not cool. Get over yourself.

Amanda and all the other runners out there who don't care you're f***ing honking

Thursday, October 20, 2011

See ya in 76 days Disney!

As if everyone didn't already know, but as of last night it's official...  

Shelley (mamabear) and myself booked everything last night and for WAY too much we are going to have a magical time at "the happiest place on earth." For the amount of money I am spending I better have a damn good time. I think it's going to be body however, will feel opposite. 

We're heading down Friday, Jan. 6 and arriving in Orlando pretty late at night. By that time I am sure I will be crashing as soon as we get to the All-Star Sports Resort (that hotel is going to bring back lots of memories with best friends from our North Penn senior class trip.) 

I figure Saturday in the morning I'll head to the Marathon Expo at the Wide World of Sports Complex with the crew so we can all pick up our bibs and packets. At these expos they have hundreds of vendors selling everything from shoes, clothing, accessories, massages and much more. We will walk the floors, maybe buy a few goodies and get on our way for some fun. We will head to a park and I'll be crapping my pants all afternoon because the marathon is the next day. In preparation for Sunday, a huge pasta dinner and early bedtime will hit the spot with a super early start for race day.

Sunday will be THE DAY, the moment of I have working towards for the past 8 months. The race begins at 5:30 a.m. in Epcot....making wake up time around 3:30 a.m. Like I did in Atlantic City last weekend I will force food down my throat and try not to throw up from nerves. By reading blogs of people who have ran the race before, I will need old sweats to wear to the starting line because it is super chilly at the start. My goal is to finish the race between 4 1/2 and 5 hours....I can see it now me hobbling over the finish line, most likely crying hysterical because I did it. I know the rest of the day Sunday I will be out for the count, spending an afternoon in an ice bath, icing and laying in the hotel room. Hopefully my mom, aunt kathy and cousin tyler will have a baller time at  park without us MARATHONERS. Later in the night I think we are going to head to the Aloha Dinner Show to celebrate our accomplishment.

Monday and Tuesday are going to be two days of complete and excruciating pain. I am planning on going to the parks both days...I already warned my mom I may have to rent a Jazzy, those motorized scooters, to help get me around the park. I did see last time I was there though people on those things get to the front of the it may work out in my advantage...

We're heading back to PA late Tuesday night....sadly the trip must end because work at The Reporter needs to continue. Hopefully you'll be able to make it without me for two days, right guys?

There is no turning back now (I wasn't planning on it)....but I'm all in and all focused. LETS DO THIS!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Atlantic City Half Marathon - CHECK

The day finally arrived...a test to see how my training is actually paying off. Yesterday, my cousin Jackie, her boyfriend and myself traveled to Atlantic City to run the 2011 Half Marathon. Each and everyone of us woke up with pre-race jitters, not being able to eat much of a breakfast and peeing non-stop because we’ve been drinking lots of water in preparation. With the race starting at 8 a.m. and only a high temp of 65 degrees, Jackie and I battled back and forth on what to wear during the race. A tank top and capri pants was a great decision. We headed over to Bally’s Casino which was the start and finish of the race. The energy was booming and the three of us quickly calmed our nerves. I was feeling a little sick to my stomach (possibly because of nerves, the other half from the crappy dinner I had at “Wonder Bar” the night before) but things soothed when I saw this green neon sign down the casino hallway that said “Pickles” (this restaurant and deli). It was a sign. :)
 getting mentally ready
Nothing is thicker than blood <3 My cousin Jackie & I
Bib number

The race was about to start so we all took our positions. Hans is faster than Jackie and I so he started up closer to the start. Jackie and I hung by this chick Nicole how was a pacer for the race. She was leading marathoners who were trying to finish at the 5 hour mark. I figured if I stayed around or near her I would do pretty well. Big thanks for that skeleton.

Before we went to the start line

Before we knew it the gun started and I was right by the side of my cousin for her first half marathon. I was more than proud of her for taking on this challenge when nearly 6 months ago she could barely run 2 miles.  I got a little choked up at the start of the marathon. I always get a bit chocked up because there is so much emotion: people running for themselves, for deceased loved ones, for pride. 

And we were off. It didn't take much time for Jackie and I to separate because we have different paces. We went off the board walk and hit the streets. It was one of the most beautiful courses I have ran. We ran along the bay, on the highway, past the Marina, past the Borgota. Angry drivers waited at stop lights for HOURS (sorry I”m not sorry, you should know better there was a race.) At one point, there was a four lane road, separated by a median. At that point I was flying, seeing the runners made me push. I looked for Jackie and Hans, saw neither.

At that point I remember seeing a Mile 8 sign and I think that was the last mileage sign I saw the entire race. I was feeling great, feeling strong. Us runners made our way back up to the boardwalk and in my head all I could think was “not much longer!!!!”

Boy was I wrong...

The boardwalk was the longest stretch. It seemed like forever and it was maybe only 4 miles long. No matter what direction, the wind was in your face. For the race, we actually had to pass Bally’s, go to a turn around point, and come back for the finish. As I was running I kept looking for my friend Emily (she was cheering on her bf who was running the full marathon) who said she was going to be at Mile 10. Finally, I see Emily. I yelled her name, gave her a thumbs up, and kept moving. It was so great to see a familiar face. Only 3.1 miles left.
Thanks for the action shot Emily!!!

The boardwalk seemed to be getting longer and longer. Other half marathoners were making their way to the finish, the looks on their face were exactly how my body felt. I finally hit the turn around point...home free I thought. As I was running I saw a sign on the boardwalk that said “5K turn around,” I knew I only had a little over a mile. As I’m trucking back home - legs completely done, hipflexers screaming, joints yelling - I ran into Jackie. She had the biggest smile on her face, she ran over to me, gave me a high five and said “great job, go finish girl!” I told her she was kicking ass and to meet me at the finish!

That is all I needed to get me home. I saw the finish line, I picked up my pace, went into 5th gear. The crowd made a tunnel, a shoot to get us to the finish line. Everyone was cheering, congratulating me... I saw Hans with his camera out, I think he got a snap shot of me finishing. I looked up at the clock...finished in 2 hrs and 25mins...a new PR for me. I crushed my previous time by over 10 minutes. Hans and I watched for Jackie to finish up. She finished strong!

Afterwards we all got our free beer and food. We were all spent, but it’s a great memory we got to experience together. I’m no half marathon veteran (I’ve only ran one other one), but I hope yesterday is a day the two of them will never forget. I am so happy I was able to watch the two of them compete in their first half marathon. We’re half way there. But next, Disney World.


Self taken photo is always needed

I came in second out of the group

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Buddy System (thanks Heavy Weights!!)

When it comes to the movie "Heavy Weights" there is one thing in particular  that works well with running: BUDDY SYSTEM!!!

A buddy system has started since the beginning for this marathon training. If my cousin Jackie wasn't down for doing it I probably wouldn't be going to Disney in a little over three months.

Jackie was my running partner for the first six months of this journey but she recently took a huge step in her like (which I am so proud of) relocating her to Allentown. She has new running buddies there so I'm pumped for her!!

Luckily last night I was able to recruit a friend to be my running buddy last night. Sean and I have been best friends since 10th grade. He is exactly the same pace as me which is so nice and he really pushed me which is the best part about a buddy. It also gave us some time to catch up on family, friends and relationships as usual.
 I took him on one of my normal routes right around Upper Gwynedd. For having a bum knee he held up really well....not too sure how well he is feeling today.

My half marathon is in three weekends(Sunday, Oct. 16). I'm ready to get running in Atlantic City. If anyone is interested in joining there is also a 5K (aka 3.2 miles) a 10K (aka 6.4 miles), half marathon, and full marathon. I'd love for some more friends to join in on the funnn!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seriously it's September?

Time really does fly when you're having fun...or should I say that you are so busy there isn't enough time in a given day to get things accomplished. Either way, fun or no fun, time is flying.

The above picture lays out my training schedule for the month of September. Having it on a board like that lets me get mentally prepared to see what is in store for me that given week. I "X" off my completed runs and usually circle the non-completed one. I took the photo on Monday so it looks like I've been quite a slacker, but really I haven't been.

When looking at that picture, your eyes are NOT playing ticks on you. This Saturday I am scheduled to run 13 miles on Saturday (yes, you are seeing that correctly). I literally have to run a half marathon for nothing. Who does that?!?! Last Saturday I went on my 11 mile run through Lansdale before work with my cousin. It went great by the way. I woke up in the morning with a pit in my stomach like I was actually running a big race that morning. I have a feeling I am going to get like that every Saturday morning for these long runs. However, being nervous to me is a good thing. That means I care and want to do well at the long runs. More than anything I have realized this whole journey is a big mental game. When my head is in it for a long run, I'm in it. I would say for about 90% of the time I have been focused and ready. However, now that September has arrived, I need to kick it up a notch because it's not just running anymore, I have to add cross training.

Serious September I am going to call it. I'm ready for it...or as my great friend Sarra Moller would say, "I'm born ready!!"

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who wants to run with me? Feeling lucky?

In the words of Dashboard Confessional:

Yup, summer unfortunately is coming to an end (#womp #womp @). While I'm super sad my pool/tanning days are numbered, my body is super stoked to be running in cooler weather. I ran through lots of hot summer days this year and things are only looking better from here on out (until you hear me bitch about how cold it is in November and December...hey at least I am giving you fair warning now.) But enough of the Debbi Downer stuff...

Training has been going awesome! My runs have been going well. I have been on schedule (Last week I slacked a little bit, but I can't go back now.) Today I ran 6 miles after work around Lansdale. It was nice to go on a different route for a change. Lots of hills though, by the end I was beat.

So I am reaching out to everyone because I am trying to set up a half marathon I need to run before my marathon. I'm looking towards the end of October or early November. One that I found is on
Sunday, Oct. 16: the Atlantic City Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5k

Being that it has a 5k and 10k, if you are a beginner runner, you could also do it! If anyone is up for it, please let me know! I'd love to have someone with me!

You stay classy, friends!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The day the earth caught fire

Jackie and I with essential running gear: water bottle fanny pack, hand held water bottle,shades and music.

Good afternoon readers:

Wanted to drop by with a quick blog entry after promising I’d get back on my blogging game. On Saturday my cousin Jackie and I went on a 6 mile run around Lansdale. It was a big loop from Sumneytown Pike, Broad Street, Hancock St., Church St., and back up Sumneytown to Valley Forge. Not going to lie, I think I could have run forever on Saturday. I was in the mind set, I was feeling great. My calves were tight the first few miles, but when I stretched my stride a little, I was off for the races. Jackie and I started together but by about mile 2.5 we split in speed a little bit. She was only maybe 20 seconds behind me, she had a great run herself. I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure she was there. I also gave a little random yell back to her to keep going and to keep pushing her. I’d wait at every street corner, give her a high five when she arrived, then back to running. I think I could have gone 8 miles…I really do. Had to get home though because I have to cover two events for work.

Currently at work right now, Erica who is our mobile director in our corporate office, is at our office giving an SMS seminar to people here at The Reporter and a few neighboring newspapers. She overheard me talking to Andy about my blog today. She ran a marathon out in San Diego a few years ago and I loved listing to her journey. She gave me a few tips for my journey. Talking about it gets me so excited. Wahooo. By the way, the title of this blog is a song I am obsessed with when I run. I recommend it to alllll people who like techno/upbeat songs. Great stuff!

That is all for now. Everyone have a great hump day!!!

P.S. This picture below, I would just like to say thank you to the 45 year old man wearing bright yellow cleats (that usually cocky 12 year olds wear) in last night’s indoor game for taking me out not only once, but TWICE. I know you think you’re so good and talented old man, but pulling wrestling moves on me was unnecessary and this bruise hurts. Jerk. 
 Yes, for those of you who do not know, I have a tattoo on my arm.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Taco dip, beer and a baby pool

^Above: Me playing in the good old days^

Hello followers!
My appologies for being a MAJOR slacker and not blogging lately. I am however, not being a slacker on the running! There are 145 days till the marathon... I know you are all thinking, wow that is sooooo far away, but wake up call, IT'S NOT. Little over 5 months to get my booty rockin. It's gonna be here before I know it. AHHH!!!

I'm on week 5 of my training schedule, averaging about 6-7 miles, with a longer run on the weekend. Some days are great, some days not so great (like when I ran last Sunday at Peace Valley Park at 3:30 p.m. with temps about 90 degrees because I was stupid enough to say yes to Matt Miller's request.) Not only did the heat kill me that day but I got smoked by a scrony tall white boy who does not run which completely mentally killed me. We are however even because last time we ran together I killed him. Like I've said before running during the day = major failure for me. Early bird gets the worm.

I luckily am out of my FUNK which my last post was about. I'm not going to go into full detail but the Amanda a lot of you knew from about 7 years ago is back and I'm so happy about that!

Soccer on Thursday nights has been a great mix during the week because it is getting me on a difference surface (my right knee is not my friend these past few weeks) and it also is more sprint, jog, sprint running, working my lungs a different way. We have playoffs next week and on the list for post game game fun = beer, taco dip and a baby pool. {Derek better come through with the baby pool :) } It nice that I finally feel comforatable with the team and really enjoy myself with them. If you are reading this guys, I'm having a blast!

Biggest excitement in my running world is finding out that my brother-in-law Andy has been running a few nights a week. He found this app on his iPhone that takes him on a weekly program and makes him walk, jog, walk and it progressively gets tougher with shorter walks and rest periods. I am looking to find a 5K in October that we both will run together. I'm really proud of him and I think this is something that would be really special for the two of us to do together. :)

That is all for now...I promise I won't leave you guys hanging this long again.
P.S.- Everyone send my cousin Jackie some love...She needs a little kick in her butt and I'm tired of it being just from me.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Funk. Big Funk

For a few months now I've been in a funk. A BIG funk to be honest. It's affecting my everyday life, it's affecting my running, it's affecting me mentally in all means.

It's times like these when the littlest bit of inspiration helps you go on. It helps push you. It helps lift your spirits. It help put a smile on your face even if it is for a split second.

This article I have attached is one I read in Runner's World this past month. It was inspriting, motivational and made me think that life is not THAT bad. Just like the tattoo I have "La Dolce Vita"...the good life.

Life is good....I am blessed I am alive and breathing. But as much as looking at my tattoo puts me in persceptive, I'm a human and funks happen.

For everyone else out there who is in a bit of a mess, I really hope this article makes you happy like it did for me, even if it is for the 5 minutes you took to read it.

(special thanks for my cousin Jackie who listens to my complaining on a daily basis....I love you.)

Fast Friends (article link and citing:,7120,s6-243-297--14007-1-1-2,00.html)
Two high schoolers stick together—even on runs. By Steve Howe Image by Tom Bear From the August 2011 issue of Runner's World
It's a warm March day, and the Copper Hills High School track team is holding practice on its athletic field, surrounded by the Wasatch Mountains above Salt Lake Valley. Seniors Mack Bawden and Cameron Judd, both 18, line up with about 30 teammates for a mile run, and crank Eminem on a pair of iPod speakers. The gun cracks and the pack takes off. "Music's not legal," coach Garth Rushforth yells after the pair, laughing. He lets it slide because wheelchairs aren't legal, either.

Cameron was born with cerebral palsy (or CP), a neurological disorder that affects muscle control in nearly 800,000 Americans. His case is severe; he can't walk, talk, or use his hands for complex tasks. His mind, though, is unaffected, and he has a 3.6 grade point average. Most people with CP can only imagine what it's like to run a race, surrounded by a pack of burning legs and heaving lungs, but thanks to Mack, Cameron experiences something close to the real thing. For over a year, Mack has pushed Cameron in his wheelchair during their track and cross-country meets. "This way the training and races are more fun for both of us," says Mack.

The best friends met when they were 4, when Mack's family moved to the Judds' neighborhood in West Jordan, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City. "Mack was nice to me, and really funny," types Cameron, communicating with a computer controlled by his eye movement.

"We laugh at the same things," says Mack, "but we're also different. Cam's into following sports, while I'm more nerdy and into good grades. He's fun to be around, so we find things we can do together." Lately, that's included running races.

Before their junior year, Cameron had never been to a track meet. But Mack, who knew his friend was often bored after school, thought he'd enjoy trying something new. "I really wanted Cam to have the experience," says the 18:20 5-K cross-country runner. Not long after approaching his coach with the idea to race with Cameron, Mack saw a video at his church that sealed the deal. "It was about Team Hoyt, where the father, Dick, pushes his son Rick, who has CP, in races," says Mack. But doing so meant that Mack—one of his school's top 10 runners—wouldn't be able to earn points at meets. "I just felt like it needed to be done," he says, "so I did it."
For their first two races in March 2010, they used a standard wheelchair; for their third they got a racing chair. Mack was sprinting to the finish when the chair popped a wheelie and he went down, bloodying his hand. A few yards later the front tire fell off and Mack flew over the chair, crashing on his shoulder. He got up, unharnessed Cameron, and carried him across the finish. "It was crazy," says Rushforth. "There were students and parents cheering and bawling their eyes out."

After that, Cameron became a fixture on the team. In the 4 x 400-meter relay, he held the baton while Mack and others passed his chair off at each exchange. During cross-country, teammates helped Mack push Cameron across the hilly courses. "Every meet I have parents come up and say, 'This is how high school athletics should be,'" says Rushforth.

While their track days are ending, the friends will keep running after graduation this June; they've entered October's St. George Marathon, and will run the Snow Canyon Half-Marathon the following month. They'll go to college nearby, Mack at Utah Valley University, and Cameron at Salt Lake Community College.

Right now, though, on this spring day, everyone at Copper Hills is focused on the present. Runners drop by Cameron's wheelchair for some high fives and weekend planning. The prom is tomorrow. Cameron and Mack both have dates. It's all a revelation in how accepted a physically challenged person can be, even in the harsh environment of high school. No matter what changes may await the two friends down the road, Cameron is sure his future will involve sports. "I want to be a coach," he types. "I know I can do anything, like I don't have CP."


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Soccer fever

Today at work I was juggling work and watching the U.S. women's national soccer team play against France in the World Cup semi-final. It was a great victory and I'm so excited to see the ladies advance to the final (which at the current moments seems as though they will be playing Japan.)

Watching the World Cup has made me think about how fit I use to be when I was playing soccer and how I wish I still had the endurance from my good old college days, or even high school days. But as we all know, there is no turning back in time, only moving forward and to get there again.

I am currently playing in a co-ed adult soccer league and it's nice to do "disguised fitness" as we use to call it in college rather than just running down Sumneytown Pike and back. When you're playing soccer you're so focused on the ball you don't think about the fact that you are running non-stop for 90 minutes. (Granted I was NOT running for 90 minutes because I was a goalkeeper, but my fitness level was sure much better than what it is now as an old, washed up, has been.)

Studies show that a competitive midfielder in a soccer match averages 6 to 7 miles per game. That length of distance is something not many average people can do. One of my best friends from college, Lea Day, was an outside midfielder for our soccer team in college and she is the quickest person I have ever met in my life. I would put money down and say that she ran more than that per game....jog, sprint, jog, sprint. Go to a neighborhood and jog to one mailbox and sprint to the next for 90 minutes straight. You will then know how Lea Day felt for 4 years.

I've decided that when I play in my adult league this week (which I'm a field player, not a goalkeeper) I am going to put on my pedometer and see how far I run. In college we use to wear heartrate monitors to indiciate how hard, or lack-there-of, each player was working at practice. Because we were wearing them, it was hard to slack off. I hope wearing my pedometer will make me realize if I am or am not working as hard as I possible can. If I find out I'm not getting many miles in...I'm going to boost up my effort and push myself a little farther.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The time has arrived

Well everyone...the time has finally arrived. Tomorrow is the start of my 26-week training schedule for my marathon on January 8, 2012 in Walt Disney World.

I am using the New York ING Marathon training schedule my friend Kristian Johnson used when she ran it last year. She was very successful so I figured why not give it a try.

I feel as though I am pretty prepared to do this after talking with Kristian and my friend Bryan who is a crazy runner. I've been given tips and advice over the months.

While I feel like I'm ready, I think this journey is going to be something I've never experienced in my life:  physically, mentally and emotionally I am going to be pushed to my limits.  I believe I'm ready and deep down I KNOW I'm ready.

To all my family members and friends- I'm thanking you now in advance for supporting me and encouraging me on this journey. I am asking you that as I forgo these next 5 1/2 months, please push me and encourage me to get out there and ran. I can't afford to slack off. I will need every single one of you to help me get through this. Xox

Jackie, I am so excited to share this experience with you. You carry me, I carry you. <3

See you on the road

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A bike fairytale

Once upon a time there was a girl named Amanda who lived in downtown Baltimore. She was a happy lady who loved riding her mint-condition cherry red 1970's Schwinn Traveler III bicycle throughout the city (especially when her roommate Anne would ride along with her on a Schwinn beach cruiser had had a baller basket and bell on it.)

That bike meant a lot to Amanda because it was her mom's bike and she loved that she was given a part of history and giving it a new life again.

One night in November, a Baltimore hoodrat decided to jump over the backyard wall and STEAL Amanda's bike AND Anne's bike from their property.

Their roommate Tristan must sleep like a freight train because she did not hear the hoodrat(s) at all in the back yard despite having her window face the backyard.

Amanda noticed the bikes were missing, called the police and checked to see if they were being sold on Craigslist... all of that effort and the bikes was never seen again.

Here is Amanda with her old bike

Still bitter to this day, Amanda decided that she would start looking at bikes again because while training for her marathon she will need to do some cross training. (what better way then biking!!)

Her cool boss, Aixa, told her about a group called "freecycle"- people who offer items to other individuals FOR FREE.

Amanda thought joining the group can't hurt and maybe she'll be able to find a bike for free on there because a journalist's paycheck won't cut it for a nice bike.

Amanda joined the group and sent out an email saying she was looking for a bike, how her's was stolen..blah blah...she got no response.

Despite feeling down, she tried again one more time. Luckily this time God sent an angel to Amanda and his name was Dennis.

Last night Amanda traveled to Telford to meet Dennis and this bike he was willing to give to her.

Not knowing what to expect, Amanda was hoping for the best and happy to take it in for any repairs it needed. A free bike is a free bike. Shush Amanda!

Pulling up to the house, there he was....a beautiful 1970's Schwinn World Traveler...almost exactly like her old one but in Loyola green.

She knew it was fate and Dennis was an angel sent from above. The bike was in great condition, minimal damage, all orginal parts. Amanda is planning on taking it to Bike Works in Harleysville this evening and getting any repairs it needs.

She shook Dennis' hand and he waived good-bye to the bike saying "Bye baby!"

In his honor, Amanda named her new bike "Dennis" because without him she would be bikeless and hopeless. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday with Mama

Today I decided to hit the streets of downtown Lansdale early in the morning (did I mention I ran in my baller new yellow tank from North Wales Running Co. I've been saving to wear. I bought this color so cars can really see me/not run me over, plus it has a great cut to it!!)

Today is  Mama Monday aka my Mom and I will be spending the day together because I have off work and she took off, so I wanted to make sure I got out early giving us the whole day.

So I traveled down Valley Forge Road, over to Main Street, downDerstine, right on Broad St., up Whites Road, and back to Valley Forge.

I ran by work and wonder if Nona or Aixa saw me out their windows. (picture is blurry, sorry)

After being an absolute bum this past week it was a decent run. I've been mentally psyching myself out because I know that in less than two weeks the real training begins.  I'm excited. I'm crapping my pants. I'm doubting myself. I'm trying to prove myself wrong. This journey has been a whirlwind of emotions and the real test hasn't event began yet.

But fret I will not because I'm about to have a great day with Shelley :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

2nd place is the 1st loser...but is it?

The current marathon themed book I am reading right now had a quote in it that is really sticking with me on this journey. The quote was as follows:

“In a marathon, except at the elite level, you don’t beat others, as you might in a mile or a 100-meter dash. Instead, you achieve a personal victory. If others finish in front of or behind you, it is only that their personal victories are more or less than yours.” - Hal Higdon

My entire life has been a competitive atmosphere... I've been playing sports since I was five and "winning" or "first place" has always been the priority. You want that trophie, that medal, that championship title.

But, for once in my life I am now at the mindset where it is ok if I’m not the greatest, or the fastest, or the best.  This quote really nailed it on the head.

As long as I accomplish MY personal goal, which I am going to say is running the entire thing/finishing without quitting/beating Oprah’s time, then that means I won. While people pass me on my marathon I just need to say to myself “it’s their personal victory....not mine.”

See you on the streets!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gatsby is my alarm clock

For those of you who have not met Gatsby or even knew I had a dog, here is Gatsby! He's an 8-month-old Yorkie Poodle Mix and the love of my life. :)

Not only does Gatsby bring me love and joy every single day, but he is my own personal alarm clock. The life of sleeping in has been thrown right out the window because usually between 5-5:30 a.m. Gatsby wiggles on my bed, stretches out, jumps off the bed and then scratches the heck out of my door informing me he needs to go out. That scratch is my alarm clock. I have not set an alarm in months because I know he will be my wake up call....I depend on him, he depends on me.

We usually fall back asleep for a little bit before I need to get up for work, but lately because I have been running in the morning I take him out, get changed and hit the streets.

Because he is a dog he probably doesn't realize it, but I am grateful he has me up and moving that early. I am not a morning person (ask my Mom) and would rather be in bed, but for some reason things really clicked today and I'm so thankful he is there in my life (for both waking up but of course the companionship he gives me day in and day out.)

Today we were up at 5:15 a.m.....we got back in the house, my bed looked so comfy, but I pushed through and told myself I was going on a run, no excuse to "sleep only 15 more minutes."

I had a decent run and like usual, this is what I come home to....a sleeping least one of us gets to sleep in anymore :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Headed to Giant, but not for food

With the hopes of going on an early run, I couldn't get my butt out of bed and with a mid-morning commitment, I was forced to go later in the day. I hit the streets today around noon and I decided to mix up my run a bit.

Like every Sunday my mom was headed to Giant to go grocery shopping (which I usually accompany here) but today I came up with the idea that I will run to Giant while she is shopping.

So my five mile run to Giant was a hot one. I went a bit outside my comfort zone and ran along some pretty busy streets, especially during that time of day.

For the most part all the drivers "shared the road" with me. I would like to give a big thanks to the Towamencin police officer who REALLY shared the road. I appreciate it brother.

During Second Friday in North Wales on Friday evening I went to the North Wales Running Company and bought this water bottle I've been eying up for a while. It fits right in your palm and very comfy. I was refueling like crazy on the run. IT WAS HOT!!!

So I met Shelley at the store, we finished up the trip and headed home. Looks like this trip might have to happen again sometime. :)

See you on the streeetttssss!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The early bird gets the worm

So this week I've had a great break-through with my running. After what seemed like a month slump I've realized that my best running comes in the morning (which I knew but I LOVE SLEEP! who doesn't?!?). I got up early to run all this week and they have all been great. (plus I got a massage on Monday night and D.D. really worked my calves...soooo needed.)

While I'm pumped that my running has been going well, getting up to run before work royally sucks. I was holding off as long as possible to not do morning runs (was going to wait till the hardcore training begins in July), but after having such poor performances I couldn't stand it any longer.

There are some great points to running early:
1. I've been beating the heat!!! running in 85 degrees is better than 100 degrees
2. My body is actually really use to running early because that is when we use to run fitness in college
3. I'm not a big eater before I run so I just get up, get changed and jump out the door
4. The traffic is not bad at all

If any of you runners out there are reading this and want to hit the streets early let me know!

PS- give my cousin's blog a read....her last post really was emotional for me and I'm sure for her as well....It is probably my favorite post of hers to date.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Feel The Beat

A key component for my running game is MUSIC. If I do not have music, I can mentally not run. I physically can not pick up my legs...I get completely psyched out because I can hear how heavy I am breathing and I lose all focus. Does anyone else ever have this problem?

I think it is so interesting how music triggers something in my mind to get my body moving. For me personally, it is key to have a playlist on my ipod that contains a lot of upbeat, techno thumpin, fist pumpin jams that I wear at full max on my headphones (yes I know that is not safe nor healthy for my ears, but it’s how I roll.)

Luckily every race I have ever run in it has allowed me to wear headphones (the Broad Street Run didn’t but considering I’m not an elite runner they didn’t throw me out, thank you Broad Street committee.) I am so happy I can wear them during the marathon in Disney. During my half marathon last December my music literally saved my life because it was a race with hardly any spectators and majority of the time I was by myself.

I will say the biggest challenge is keeping a good fresh playlist. I listen to the SAME SONGS almost every single day and I am at the point where I need some help. So this is why I’m reaching out to you.

I’m looking for 20 new songs to make a playlist and I am going to take them all off of comments on my blog or my Facebook. This will prove to me if people are ACTUALLY READING my blog or if I'm wasting my time. I’m letting you own my ears people, so take full advantage.
See you on the street!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



Good morning friends! I just want to wish everyone a happy national running day! Grab a friend this afternoon/after work and go for a run or even a walk. It can be for 5, 10, 15 or 60 minutes, JUST GET OUT THERE TODAY!

According to the weather it's going to be a hot one yet again, so be sure to hydrate during the day and bring a water with you on your run.

I would love to run with someone this afternoon or try out a new route. I look forward to hearing your suggesting!

See you on the road!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Head is clear, back in it.

I would first like to say I am sorry for the lack of blogging as of late. (Not sure how many of you actually read this/missed me while I took a bit of a break) Since my last post I was going through an angry phase because I was going through an injury and took it easy for about two weeks. I was pissed I wasn't running a lot and I was pissed when I did run because I hurt. So that left me bitter for about two weeks and making me eat ice cream which made me happy, but then that pissed me off because I knew I was getting fat because I was not running. A NEVER ENDING CYCLE OF SADNESS.

But on a positive note, I am back and feeling really well!!! This past weekend I was in Ocean City, New Jersey for my best friend's bachelorette party and on Monday morning while I was there I went for a run along the board walk.

For the first time, in what seems like a long time, I felt great on the run. My legs felt good, my breathing was good and the conditions were perfect. For being 8 a.m. it was a bit on the toasty side, but the ocean breeze helped. I really am mentally back into it after a two-week hiccup. I think deep down I really needed it.

I ran along the boardwalk and it was so great to see so many runners out there despite it being a holiday weekend. Running is an individual sports but I will admit it is one of the friendliest and kindest group of individuals.

While sunbathing on the beach I finished my book "Running For Women" by Kara Goucher. It was a great book and  some of the things she told me is great advice. That will be my next blog post. :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where the Gorilla Juice Heads at?! TBF!

Jackie and I went to the gym yesterday and we’ve been noticing a high number in Meat Heads/Juice Heads/ Gorilla Juice Heads at the gym these past couple weeks.

Now I don’t know if the numbers are increasing because college kids are out or there is something in the water in this area.  

After observing these characters for a few weeks now, Jackie and I have learned a few basic facts:

1. We believe a lot of these guys (who are not students) are construction workers because the prime time they hit the weights is around 4:30 p.m. which most construction workers start in the weeee-hours of the morning and finish between 3-4 p.m.
2. To be considered a meat head you need proper attire. You need a cutoff tshirt that has a large dip down the sides and cuts across your chest, almost showing a guys nipples.
3. Apparently starring into the mirror at the gym gets you ripped. These guys are there for roughly 2 hours or more and they only workout for about 45 minutes. They do a lot of looking at themselves. Maybe if I start looking at myself I’ll get skinner....
4. Grunts, groans, and lifting lingo are a must. Start adding obscure muscles into your vocab and talk about how they are soooo sore, or that you love this machine because it hits those muscles just right.

Now that I have this out of my system, I hope I can finally start focusing when I’m lifting at the gym because half of the time Jackie and I are giggling. Time to get serious, Jac. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

If you look good, you feel good

When it comes to running, almost everyone wants to look good while they're doing. Whether it be because you're a fashionista with stylish clothes or because you agree with the saying "If you look good, you feel good," almost all of us want to look and feel great in some way.

Everything from clothing to accessories is out there to make you look good while you're hitting the pavement, but there is one thing that I believe is extremely necessary if you are a runner of some sort: Road ID.

As stated on their website, "If you are a runner, cyclist, triathelete or just an active person, Road ID is for you. In the event of an accident, if you can't speak for yourself, your Road ID will. It's not just a piece of gear - it's peace of mind"

Before I know it I am going to start going on some challenging runs and pushing myself physically to levels I have never accomplished before....mind you, these runs are going to be held during summer months with what I sure will be some terrible heat. With that being said, Road ID is a wonderful invention, allowing me to post all of my information and emergency contacts in case I collapse on the side of the road or trip and hit my head on the pavement.

There is plenty of space to engrave information along with a motivation quote (which I have not decided on yet....however I"m leaning towards 'BEAT OPRAH' because if she can finish a marathon, so can I.) Me personally I am going to by the bracelet Road ID, but they have other styles such as dog tags and ones that clip onto the laces on your sneaker. So this weekend I am ordering both myself and my cousin one (sorry Jackie, I had to blow the surprise). I really encourage everyone to get something like this because if I happen to find you on the side of the road I want to know who you are and who to call! Save your own life people!

Check out the Road ID website here

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bringing my job to my blog

As my blog, I am posting an article of mine that was published today in our paper...I am giving fair warning now it is quite lengthy, but I promise it is a great, informative read. It's about a 5-mile race that is taking this weekend in Lansdale. SIGN UP!!  Enjoy!!!

When 21-year-old Melissa Heintz walks around her St. Francis University Pennsylvania campus, the Division I swimmer looks like any regular college student.

Eight-year-old Alex Rowe, a second-grade student at Oak Park Elementary School in Hatfield, enjoys playing with friends and his video games just like any other little kid.

While a healthy appearance is portrayed by both individuals, the general public would never be able to guess that Rowe and Heintz are diagnosed with a rare bleeding disorder that affects more than 25,000 people across the nation.

“Most of my friends have no idea I have a disorder,” said Heintz. “When I tell them, they are usually surprised to hear anything is wrong with me.”

Heintz was diagnosed at birth with von Willebrand disease, a bleeding disorder caused by a defect or deficiency of a blood clotting protein, called von Willebrand Factor.

“My dad knew he had (von Willebrand) so me and my brother were tested right away and we tested positive,” said Heintz.

Rowe was also born with the disorder; however, his was found during a procedure at the hospital. Unlike Henitz, Rowe posses Type 3 severe von Willebrand disease which is only found in roughly 400 people in the world.

According to the National Hemophilia Foundation website, “usually, people with von Willebrand disease bruise easily, have recurrent nosebleeds, or bleed after tooth extraction, tonsillectomy or other surgery.”

All of those symptoms are issues both Heintz and Rowe endure on a daily basis.

“I bruise very easily,” said Heintz. “When I was little and just beginning to swim, I use to have bruises on my legs from when I was getting in and out of the pool. People were always asking what happened to me.”

“I’ve had a couple of surgeries also,” said Heintz. “Simple services like getting tape pulled off my skin I’d have to go to the hospital because they need to give (me) special medicine to thicken (my) blood. When I had to get my tonsils out in kindergarten that was a big ordeal. Doctors have now come out with special nose spray you take before surgeries for blood disorders. They’ve come a long way with surgeries.”

 Rowe has chronic nose bleeds which take place during the day and during the night. As an elementary school student, getting a bloody nose in class would embarass most, but it does not faze Rowe.

“If I get one in school I just grab a tissue, wipe it away and go to the nurse,” said Rowe. “I sometimes try to explain it to kids but they don’t really get it.”

Individuals with hemophilia are advised by doctors to avoid abrasions, injures, and cuts. But how do parents tell an energetic kid they can’t do sports or participate in typical kid activities?

For Heintz the solution was easy — she decided to get in the water.

Heintz’s swimming career began in fourth grade and has continued to excel throughout her college years. A Boyertown native, Heintz swam for her local swim team, continued at Olney High School and just concluded her last collegiate season at St. Francis University.

“When I was little I tried out soccer and softball, and my parents were paranoid the whole time because I could get hit with a ball,” said Heintz. “I usually stayed away from the ball anyway because I’m not coordinated. After that I took up swimming. It’s a good sport because it is low impact and chances of something happening are slim.”

Christine Rowe, Alex’s mother and Fund Development Coordinator for the Delaware Valley Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation, has educated her son on the activities he is and is not allowed to participate in, but the Rowe household tries to focus on the positive.

“We really try to focus on what he can do and not his limitations,” said Christine.

Rowe enjoys playing baseball, riding his bike and swimming.

Although physical activity is limited for those diagnosed with hemophilia, both Heintz and Rowe prove that there are still ways to be active.

Runners high

Despite a 13-year age gap, Heintz and Rowe have something in common; they enjoy running.

Rowe was told at a young age that he is prohibited from playing high-impact sports due to the risk of injury.

“If I see something that looks really dangerous I usually don’t get involved in it and walk away,” said Rowe.

Running, however is one of his favorite activities.

“Because he is 8 he of course is not a competitive runner, but he enjoys it,” said Christine. “He runs at baseball and he runs around outside.”

Heintz, on the other hand, picked up the sport to continue physical exercise after finishing her swimming career.

To show support for their son and help those diagnosed with a blood disorder, the Rowe family created the Broad Street Rerun two years ago; a five-mile run, one-mile family walk and ½-mile kid run fundraiser in Lansdale to support the Delaware Valley Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation representing Philadelphia.

“I came up with the idea of a race after running in a bunch of races that (raised funds ) for charities,” said Christine. “So I came up with the idea of a 5K race in Hatfield to benefit the Delaware Valley Chapter.”

Bob Babb, owner of The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute, contacted Christine after the 5K race in 2008 and asked to work in conjunction with the National Hemophilia Foundation to create what is now the Broad Street Rerun.

“(Bob) said he wanted to be a part of the race as a sponsor and I said, ‘As long as you get the roads closed off I’ll take care of everything else,’” said Christine.

Since 2009, the Broad Street Rerun is the largest race that takes place out of all of the chapters of the National Hemophilia Foundation across the United States

In 2009 the race totaled 425 participants, which had grown to more than 600 participants in 2010. This year Christine has already received 700 pre-registrations and is expecting more within the last week and on race day — which is Saturday.

“We are so grateful for all the individuals who participate in this race,” said Christine. “Not only for my family but for all the other families. Some families like us have to pay $350,000 for medicine each year. The money from the race helps families in need and to our scholarships.”

Both Heintz and Rowe will be present at this year’s race, along with other individuals suffering from a blood disorder.

“I really want to say people come to support the cause, but I think a lot of why people sign up and return is because of the heart and soul that goes into the preparation and actual race,” said Christine. “There are thousands of races all over, but this is a quality race and put together really well.”

Community members from all over the area are planning to participate in this year’s event, supporting the National Hemophilia Foundation, their own physical fitness, and for some a combination of both.

According to Christine, there are individuals from over six different states being represented in the race this year.

Vira Katolik from Lansdale is running her second Broad Street Rerun after a positive experience last year.

“(Alex Rowe) is my friend’s cousin so when I heard about the run last year I knew I had to do it,” she said. “I live in Lansdale and try to participate in as many events as possible. I just ran the Broad Street Run (in Philadelphia) last weekend and I’d like to beat my split time from that. It’s a good event and benefits a relative of someone I know.”

Mother-daughter duo Megan Briggs and Cindi Holman, who will be driving from outside Ann Arbor, Mich., will be running the Broad Street Rerun for the first time this year.

“I am going to spend the week with my daughter and her family,” said Holman. “(Megan) mentioned the race and it coincided with the time I’m there so we signed up.”

This duo has been running races together for several years and has completed many half marathons.

“I’m (running) to do it with Megan, it’s a mother-daughter thing,” said Holman.

Although Holman and Briggs are running this race to be in each other’s company, the meaning behind this event still means a lot to the runners.

“Almost all of the races I run are fundraisers,” said Holman. “I just love that they are going toward something good.”

Sign up

The third Annual Broad Street Rerun will take place on Saturday with the race beginning at 9 a.m. and the ½-mile kid run starting at 8:45 a.m.

Packet pick up will be held at North Wales Running Company, 111 N. Main St., North Wales, on Friday from 2 to 7 p.m. or on Saturday morning before the race. On Friday, you can pick up another runner’s packet, no ID is required.

On race day, all runners and walkers will meet at The Pavilion Shopping Center, 443 S. Broad St., Lansdale. The 5-mile out and back course will travel down Broad Street to Morris Road and turn around, running back to where the race started.

Race Bag and T-shirt are guaranteed to all pre-registered participants. A new design will be printed on a tech T-shirt for those who sign up.

The 5-mile run or walk is $30. The kids run is $15. Registration can be done in advance or on race day.

All kids who run will receive a medal after completing the half mile. Prizes will also be given out to the top male and female runners, along with first-, second- and third-place finishers in specific age divisions.

During the race, Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms staff will be on hand to offer participants samples of Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms 1 percent lowfat chocolate milk.

After the run, Christine and the National Hemophilia Foundation will talk about the foundation and how the money raised from this event will go toward the Delaware Valley Chapter, which helps roughly 2,000 people.

Food, music and mascots — including Buzz the Bee from B101 radio station, Super Mario and Luigi, and Mad Dog from the Philadelphia Wings — will be present at the race.

To sign up for the race visit Both online and printable applications are available.

To learn more about the National Hemophilia Foundation and how you can help log on to

“Thank you to everyone who is coming and I hope we get enough money to help stop bloody noses,” said Rowe.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Holy Hills

Today I spent a lovely morning with two amazing mothers, Shelley Piccirilli (mama bear) and Missy Rohrbaugh (sister bear), in honor of Mother's Day. We went to KOP and then to Legal Seafoods for lunch. My choice of lunch and booze as a drink def made me suffer throughout the day. I also only had a few hours of sleep because I went to bed late and had a dry-heaving puppy at 3 a.m. who threw up once, proceeded to go downstairs and then ate his entire bowl of food. He's so weird!! The combo of both put me in a physical funk with me not feeling very well. Enough of my rambling....

With the gorgeous weather today and with ambition to go on a good run (despite feeling under the weather), I decided to push myself a little bit tonight. I just recently wrote out my marathon training schedule and I have "hill" training days where I will need to run anywhere from 5-10 miles with hills throughout. Right by my house on Anders Road there are HUGE hills, so I decided lets see what I got!!!

I'm really happy with how things went today. I ran 5.25 mills with hills for at least half of that distance. I ran from my house to Fischer's Park, around the Fischer's big loop once, then back to my house. I had several obstacles on the run, dodging 15 deer that were crossing the road, followed shortly by a mama goose and her 10 little babies, and I have to add being extra careful with cars because there were a lot of tight turns and blind spots. I wore a bright orange shirt and at 7 p.m. it was still light out so I made out ok.

It was a TOUGH work out tonight but I'm glad I now know what my starting base is for that run. My legs are definitely going to be feeling it tomorrow.

So here we go week 4..I'm ready to continue to kick your booty! :)

P.S.- Congrats to my cousin Jackie for crushing her 5k time by 8 minutes today at the Iron Pigs 5k race this morning. So proud of you!!!! That time difference is great!!!  Lets get that knee back in tip-top shape and hit the pavement together again! :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mama Calls These My Special Shoes

If there is one lesson I have learned from playing sports and now running, it’s that you need a good pair of shoes!

The biggest mistake I made was running a half marathon in a POS pair of sneakers. Not only did my feet KILL from about mile 8-13, but I could not walk for almost two weeks after the race. The outside and inside center part of my feet on both feet were in excrutiating pain!!! OUCH!! The worst part at the time was I was working as an assistant soccer coach and had to play soccer everyday with feet hurting like this. No fun.
So after learning my lesson and reading my marathon book by U.S. distance runner Kara Goucher, “Running For Women,” I went to the North Wales Running company with my cousin and bought me a fancy pair of sneaks.

The store manager there was super nice and sized me up. He had me walk around the store to see how my feet are shaped and what style would work best for me. He brought out at least 7 pairs to try on and I walked away with a nice pair of Nike’s. Luckily they are not all solid while in color because I hate that.

He said my shoes should last about 400-500 miles so I need to try and mark down how long I’ve been using them (luckily for him/me I bought myself a running journal which I mark down everyday what I do.) He was ecstatic to hear I have a journal, not sure if he was serious or making fun of me, but I think he was serious. He firmly told me to mark down on yesterdays journal day that I “BOUGHT NEW PAIR OF SHOES.”

Thanks for your service North Wales Running company....see you in 400 miles to buy a new pair.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Broad Street Run Bib #28122

Today I ran in the Broad Street Run, a 10-mile race in Philadelphia that has 30,000 participants each year supporting cancer research. (Below: a picture of me mid-race that my cousin Jackie captured. Other is me posing with my beautiful medal.)

I thought it would be fun to tape during the race, so check out the video below. (WARNING: There is one sentence where I completely make my sentence backwards which will probably make you laugh, but give me a break- after running for a while my brain was a cloud.)

 Wasn't able to retape again during the race, check out my post-race video :)

This is the first time I've ever ran this race and by far this is my FAVORITE race I've ever ran. As you run down Broad Street the residents of the City of Brotherly Love line up cheering all of us runners for the whole 10 miles. I would like to thank each and every one of those individuals because their support really got me through the race, especially the guy who was holding a sign that said "Go Amanda, Go!" Clearly that sign was not for me, but I used it as motivation anyway. :)

I would especially like to thank MY support team, my mom, cousin Jackie and aunt Kathy for coming out to the race today and cheering me on. I love you all dearly and it means so much to me. Seeing you at the half way point really pushed me to the finish!!! Xo

While I made my time I wanted, this race really made me realize that no matter how slow or fast someone is, time doesn't always mean everything. I finished a 10-mile race, something not many people can say they accomplished. Whether I was running a 6 minute mile or 15 minute mile, I did it. Mark it down in the books....Marathon in 248 days babyy!!!!

Check out Jackie's Blog from the race today as a spectator!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hiccup In My Calves

Sometimes there comes a point physically when you just can't go. Today was one of those days. I got myself mentally prepared for a 6 miles run today. Got dressed, tied up the laces, and hit the road. About 30 seconds into my run I knew it wasn't going to be an easy journey. About two minutes later, my calves were solid rocks and it felt like I was carrying 50 pound sandbags on each leg.  I only made it a little over a mile before I decided I needed to stop, turn around, and walk home. For over two weeks now my calves have been super tight, not really loosening up until I hit about mile three. I've been training pretty hard for the past two months because I am running the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia this Sunday. I'm sure things are just catching up a little bit. For me today, I figured it is not worth REALLY screwing up my legs when I've been working for this weekend for so long.

This slight hiccup (yes, a hiccup because no matter what I'm going to get through it) just goes to show me that I am sure I'm going to come across some injuries/pain as my training continues into the marathon. So tomorrow I'm taking the day off. See how I feel Friday and rest up for the 10 mile race on Sunday.

(I would like to give a shout out to my mom for massaging my calves tonight. I owe you big time! True love right there. Thanks, Marmee!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Need to be flexible...literally and physically

For the first time in my life, I was actually stressed out this morning about NOT being able to get a run in today. If my college roommate Sarra Moller is reading this, she is probably laughing because during college she ran literally every day during the summer in preparation for preseason and I didn’t run at all, so she probably thinks it’s hilarious that I’m now stressing about running unlike when it actually mattered. But anyway, I woke up this morning thinking I wasn’t going to be able to fit a run into my schedule today with my regular 9-5 work day and me heading to the Flyers Game 7 right after work (LETS GO FLY GUYS!) Me? Nervous about not being able to run?! Wow, maybe I’m actually turning into a legit runner.

After stressing out for a solid 15 minutes this morning, I finally realized during this journey I’m going to need to be flexible with my running times/routines/training. Not everyday is going to be easy to work out with a full days work, a puppy at home and having somewhat of a social life. But I am going to have to find a way. I’m going to need to be flexible and open-minded.

So today after I walked the pup, I went for a solid 3-mile run (which I saw my friend Joey driving to work but he didn’t even notice me...I’m blaming it on his new Lasik eyes.) To be quite honest, that run really woke me up today and made me feel great physically all day. Today’s agenda= flexible. Amanda’s body= NOT flexible, that is something I def need to work on.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Heat Has Nothing On Me

HELLO SPRING! With tempatures in the 80s, there was NO WAY I was passing up a run outside today. Because I have off on Mondays and Jackie had off because of the Easter holiday, I decided to drag her outside with me on a run by my house. Check out our video re-cap, it pretty much explains how we both felt about it....which was completely opposite :)

Despite the massive about of food I ate this weekend....I owned that run today!!! So happy to start the week off on a solid foot....Broad Street Run is in 6 days. I think im ready for the 10 miles!

Be sure to check out Jackie's blog to see her reaction!! The Reckless Runner

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sorry I'm not was my birthday

No matter how much you work out or how dedicated you are, it's tough to work out/be motivated around a holiday. To make it worse, my birthday was Saturday followed by Easter today, so I had a double whammy.

Despite being a little "under the weather" this morning after a night out in Manayunk, stuffing my face with Easter deliciousness, and eating nearly a quarter of my Dairy Queen Blizzard ice cream birthday cake, I dug deep today and MADE myself workout.

My great friend Tristan was in town this weekend for my birthday so unfortunately I was unable to get outside in the gorgeous weather during the day this morning it was physically impossible for me to run.   

So after stuffing my face all day, I geared up and went outside for a run. I literally walked out the door, saw the black sky, and being that I am TERRIFIED of lightening, I wussied out on the run outside. So what to do now?

With a little help from my friend Shaun T, I took over the living room in my house and banged out a 50 minute work out with the fitness dvd, INSANITY. It is a 60-day dvd fitness program that is suppose to work wonders and make you skinny. I sadly never did 60-straight days, so I just save the dvds for rainy days, such as today.

When my hardcore marathon training comes along in July, the Insanity dvd is going to be a great go-to when I need to complete my cross training workouts. Thank you Shaun T...I hope I at least worked off the ice cream cake during those 50 minutes....however, sorry I'm not sorry for eating and drinking so much this weekend. It was my birthday, I do what I want. :)

Friday, April 22, 2011


IT'S OFFICIAL! As of 9 p.m., just three hours before my 24th birthday, I am officially registered for my FIRST MARATHON!!!!

Part of me wants to scream, part of me wants to cry, part of me wants to back out! But I am doing this!!!

I've been reading so many other people's blogs who have completed the Walt Disney World Marathon and it is getting me so excited. This will be by far the toughest challenge I will ever have to endure and at age 24 I'm ready for it. Call me mentally ill, but I am looking forward to the pain and dedication to do this. I'm looking forward to meeting other individuals on the run and hearing their stories. I'm pumped to see all the Disney characters. I'm hoping my family will be in the stands cheering me on. But most of all, I am so excited to do this for myself. For once in my life I am focusing on me and only me. For the past three years my life has been at a major standstill so I'm hoping this experience will rebirth the individual I use to be and kick-start the life I have always wanted to have.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In the words of Limp Bizkit, "it's just one of those days..."

Well, not too satisfied with my run I had today, however my friend Kristian who ran the NYC marathon last year (her first and last marathon I believe she told me) has already warned me that during this journey I am going to have off days and to not let it get to I'm not. I had a stellar run last night, a so-so run today, and tomorrow is a new today. (An 80 degree day in fact which means a run outside...wahoo!)

My cousin told me when we were leaving the gym that she's going to have to learn to not get disappointed in herself when she doesn't accomplish the goal she had in mind for that day. I think both her and myself are going to have to learn when the other is struggling and find a way to lift them and accomplish that goal.

Week 1 logged miles: 12 miles