Saturday, June 11, 2011

The early bird gets the worm

So this week I've had a great break-through with my running. After what seemed like a month slump I've realized that my best running comes in the morning (which I knew but I LOVE SLEEP! who doesn't?!?). I got up early to run all this week and they have all been great. (plus I got a massage on Monday night and D.D. really worked my calves...soooo needed.)

While I'm pumped that my running has been going well, getting up to run before work royally sucks. I was holding off as long as possible to not do morning runs (was going to wait till the hardcore training begins in July), but after having such poor performances I couldn't stand it any longer.

There are some great points to running early:
1. I've been beating the heat!!! running in 85 degrees is better than 100 degrees
2. My body is actually really use to running early because that is when we use to run fitness in college
3. I'm not a big eater before I run so I just get up, get changed and jump out the door
4. The traffic is not bad at all

If any of you runners out there are reading this and want to hit the streets early let me know!

PS- give my cousin's blog a read....her last post really was emotional for me and I'm sure for her as well....It is probably my favorite post of hers to date.

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  1. Great entry. Love the post. July is coming soon....... Eek!!!