Monday, June 20, 2011

2nd place is the 1st loser...but is it?

The current marathon themed book I am reading right now had a quote in it that is really sticking with me on this journey. The quote was as follows:

“In a marathon, except at the elite level, you don’t beat others, as you might in a mile or a 100-meter dash. Instead, you achieve a personal victory. If others finish in front of or behind you, it is only that their personal victories are more or less than yours.” - Hal Higdon

My entire life has been a competitive atmosphere... I've been playing sports since I was five and "winning" or "first place" has always been the priority. You want that trophie, that medal, that championship title.

But, for once in my life I am now at the mindset where it is ok if I’m not the greatest, or the fastest, or the best.  This quote really nailed it on the head.

As long as I accomplish MY personal goal, which I am going to say is running the entire thing/finishing without quitting/beating Oprah’s time, then that means I won. While people pass me on my marathon I just need to say to myself “it’s their personal victory....not mine.”

See you on the streets!

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