Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hiccup In My Calves

Sometimes there comes a point physically when you just can't go. Today was one of those days. I got myself mentally prepared for a 6 miles run today. Got dressed, tied up the laces, and hit the road. About 30 seconds into my run I knew it wasn't going to be an easy journey. About two minutes later, my calves were solid rocks and it felt like I was carrying 50 pound sandbags on each leg.  I only made it a little over a mile before I decided I needed to stop, turn around, and walk home. For over two weeks now my calves have been super tight, not really loosening up until I hit about mile three. I've been training pretty hard for the past two months because I am running the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia this Sunday. I'm sure things are just catching up a little bit. For me today, I figured it is not worth REALLY screwing up my legs when I've been working for this weekend for so long.

This slight hiccup (yes, a hiccup because no matter what I'm going to get through it) just goes to show me that I am sure I'm going to come across some injuries/pain as my training continues into the marathon. So tomorrow I'm taking the day off. See how I feel Friday and rest up for the 10 mile race on Sunday.

(I would like to give a shout out to my mom for massaging my calves tonight. I owe you big time! True love right there. Thanks, Marmee!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Need to be flexible...literally and physically

For the first time in my life, I was actually stressed out this morning about NOT being able to get a run in today. If my college roommate Sarra Moller is reading this, she is probably laughing because during college she ran literally every day during the summer in preparation for preseason and I didn’t run at all, so she probably thinks it’s hilarious that I’m now stressing about running unlike when it actually mattered. But anyway, I woke up this morning thinking I wasn’t going to be able to fit a run into my schedule today with my regular 9-5 work day and me heading to the Flyers Game 7 right after work (LETS GO FLY GUYS!) Me? Nervous about not being able to run?! Wow, maybe I’m actually turning into a legit runner.

After stressing out for a solid 15 minutes this morning, I finally realized during this journey I’m going to need to be flexible with my running times/routines/training. Not everyday is going to be easy to work out with a full days work, a puppy at home and having somewhat of a social life. But I am going to have to find a way. I’m going to need to be flexible and open-minded.

So today after I walked the pup, I went for a solid 3-mile run (which I saw my friend Joey driving to work but he didn’t even notice me...I’m blaming it on his new Lasik eyes.) To be quite honest, that run really woke me up today and made me feel great physically all day. Today’s agenda= flexible. Amanda’s body= NOT flexible, that is something I def need to work on.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Heat Has Nothing On Me

HELLO SPRING! With tempatures in the 80s, there was NO WAY I was passing up a run outside today. Because I have off on Mondays and Jackie had off because of the Easter holiday, I decided to drag her outside with me on a run by my house. Check out our video re-cap, it pretty much explains how we both felt about it....which was completely opposite :)

Despite the massive about of food I ate this weekend....I owned that run today!!! So happy to start the week off on a solid foot....Broad Street Run is in 6 days. I think im ready for the 10 miles!

Be sure to check out Jackie's blog to see her reaction!! The Reckless Runner

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sorry I'm not was my birthday

No matter how much you work out or how dedicated you are, it's tough to work out/be motivated around a holiday. To make it worse, my birthday was Saturday followed by Easter today, so I had a double whammy.

Despite being a little "under the weather" this morning after a night out in Manayunk, stuffing my face with Easter deliciousness, and eating nearly a quarter of my Dairy Queen Blizzard ice cream birthday cake, I dug deep today and MADE myself workout.

My great friend Tristan was in town this weekend for my birthday so unfortunately I was unable to get outside in the gorgeous weather during the day this morning it was physically impossible for me to run.   

So after stuffing my face all day, I geared up and went outside for a run. I literally walked out the door, saw the black sky, and being that I am TERRIFIED of lightening, I wussied out on the run outside. So what to do now?

With a little help from my friend Shaun T, I took over the living room in my house and banged out a 50 minute work out with the fitness dvd, INSANITY. It is a 60-day dvd fitness program that is suppose to work wonders and make you skinny. I sadly never did 60-straight days, so I just save the dvds for rainy days, such as today.

When my hardcore marathon training comes along in July, the Insanity dvd is going to be a great go-to when I need to complete my cross training workouts. Thank you Shaun T...I hope I at least worked off the ice cream cake during those 50 minutes....however, sorry I'm not sorry for eating and drinking so much this weekend. It was my birthday, I do what I want. :)

Friday, April 22, 2011


IT'S OFFICIAL! As of 9 p.m., just three hours before my 24th birthday, I am officially registered for my FIRST MARATHON!!!!

Part of me wants to scream, part of me wants to cry, part of me wants to back out! But I am doing this!!!

I've been reading so many other people's blogs who have completed the Walt Disney World Marathon and it is getting me so excited. This will be by far the toughest challenge I will ever have to endure and at age 24 I'm ready for it. Call me mentally ill, but I am looking forward to the pain and dedication to do this. I'm looking forward to meeting other individuals on the run and hearing their stories. I'm pumped to see all the Disney characters. I'm hoping my family will be in the stands cheering me on. But most of all, I am so excited to do this for myself. For once in my life I am focusing on me and only me. For the past three years my life has been at a major standstill so I'm hoping this experience will rebirth the individual I use to be and kick-start the life I have always wanted to have.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In the words of Limp Bizkit, "it's just one of those days..."

Well, not too satisfied with my run I had today, however my friend Kristian who ran the NYC marathon last year (her first and last marathon I believe she told me) has already warned me that during this journey I am going to have off days and to not let it get to I'm not. I had a stellar run last night, a so-so run today, and tomorrow is a new today. (An 80 degree day in fact which means a run outside...wahoo!)

My cousin told me when we were leaving the gym that she's going to have to learn to not get disappointed in herself when she doesn't accomplish the goal she had in mind for that day. I think both her and myself are going to have to learn when the other is struggling and find a way to lift them and accomplish that goal.

Week 1 logged miles: 12 miles

Monday, April 18, 2011

There is no going back now...

I've been an athlete my entire life...I played a collegiate sport for four years (well kinda played, road the bench a lot) and I try to stay active. However, running as NEVER been my thing, hence why I was a goalkeeper. I've ran a bunch of 5k races (which is 3.2 miles) over my lifetime but it wasn't until December 2010 when my Baltimore city roommate pushed me to run a half marathon with her. The thought of running 13.1 miles when the longest I probably ever ran before that was 5 miles blew my mind away. Of course I told Tristan I would do it with her....I signed up 2 days before the race because she gave me the gilt trip that I bailed on her. So with no training and the heaviest weight I've ever been, Tristan and I traveled to Virginia and I marked my first half marathon in the books with a pretty stellar time.

Call me crazy, but after that I was on a runners high and decided this is something I could get into. A week after my half marathon I signed up for the 10-miler Broad Street Run in Philadelphia (which is less than 2 weeks from today). My cousin and I have been gym buddies for the past few months now and I've pushed her to start running with me. Jackie and I completed a 5-miler race a few weeks ago (her longest race distance ever) and she brought up the idea to me that we should run the Walt Disney World Marathon.

After going through the pain of running a half marathon, my initial reaction to her suggestion was 'HELL NO!' But after sitting down and thinking about it I've decided this always has been a bucket list item for me and I can do it! Out of my close friends I think I will be the first one to do this and most of all I want to do this FOR ME! So with all of this being said, follow along with me as I go on a TOUGH journey I know some days I will regret and need lots of encouragement. So far things have been good with me already preparing for this 10-miler coming up.

January 8, 2012- Walt Disney World Marathon....see you there Mickey!!! Wish me luck!

P.S.- I'll be trying to give a video blog every once and a while with my posts. Enjoy :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pic's Blog: Are you sure you want to eat sushi?

I'm currently working on an article involving soon-to-be or confirmed animals that are on the extinct/endangered species list and I came across a story that says "according to researchers, there will be no seaf­ood left to catch by 2048, except for jellyfish, which will thrive in the new, collapsed ecosystem. "

I personally do not know much about animals other than the basic facts I learn at the zoo but this stat SCARES ME!

My co-worker Andy Settler and myself talk frequently about how much we love to eat sushi, but after reading this and a few other stats, I may have to stop.

I am a complete supporter of survival of the fittest and love a big juicy hamburger, but some of these animals that are listed are uncalled for.

How would we as humans like it if animals just decided to take over and kill us all?

We need these animals for our environment and hopefully this post will make you appreciate this beautiful spring weather and all the lovely creatures that surround us!

check out the full article here