Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In the words of Limp Bizkit, "it's just one of those days..."

Well, not too satisfied with my run I had today, however my friend Kristian who ran the NYC marathon last year (her first and last marathon I believe she told me) has already warned me that during this journey I am going to have off days and to not let it get to me....so I'm not. I had a stellar run last night, a so-so run today, and tomorrow is a new today. (An 80 degree day in fact which means a run outside...wahoo!)

My cousin told me when we were leaving the gym that she's going to have to learn to not get disappointed in herself when she doesn't accomplish the goal she had in mind for that day. I think both her and myself are going to have to learn when the other is struggling and find a way to lift them and accomplish that goal.

Week 1 logged miles: 12 miles

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