Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sorry I'm not was my birthday

No matter how much you work out or how dedicated you are, it's tough to work out/be motivated around a holiday. To make it worse, my birthday was Saturday followed by Easter today, so I had a double whammy.

Despite being a little "under the weather" this morning after a night out in Manayunk, stuffing my face with Easter deliciousness, and eating nearly a quarter of my Dairy Queen Blizzard ice cream birthday cake, I dug deep today and MADE myself workout.

My great friend Tristan was in town this weekend for my birthday so unfortunately I was unable to get outside in the gorgeous weather during the day this morning it was physically impossible for me to run.   

So after stuffing my face all day, I geared up and went outside for a run. I literally walked out the door, saw the black sky, and being that I am TERRIFIED of lightening, I wussied out on the run outside. So what to do now?

With a little help from my friend Shaun T, I took over the living room in my house and banged out a 50 minute work out with the fitness dvd, INSANITY. It is a 60-day dvd fitness program that is suppose to work wonders and make you skinny. I sadly never did 60-straight days, so I just save the dvds for rainy days, such as today.

When my hardcore marathon training comes along in July, the Insanity dvd is going to be a great go-to when I need to complete my cross training workouts. Thank you Shaun T...I hope I at least worked off the ice cream cake during those 50 minutes....however, sorry I'm not sorry for eating and drinking so much this weekend. It was my birthday, I do what I want. :)

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