Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pic's Picks: My own personal SOUND OFF

(today I am creating my own SOUND OFF, similar to what we have published in The Reporter newspaper which can be found online at www.thereporteronline.com. Today is usually Youtube Tuesday, but I can not help to get this off my chest so I can have a successful day at the office today. Cheers!)

To the Lady in the 1988 Honda SUV behind me this morning:

I would like to just say that I appreciate you riding my bumper the entire drive from Valley Forge Road at the corner of Sumneytown Pike, to my right hand turn on Derstine Ave.

Not only is it not my problem that you need to rush your driving this morning because you're late (who knows you were doing this morning), but I'm sure your toddler in his car seat in the back would also like to keep his life during your reckless driving.

Not only was I going well over the speed limit, which I'm not proud of saying I do on a daily basis, but the little old lady in the maroon 1999 Civic in front of me was also on the road. I really didn't feel like running her off the road this morning because of you (I also can't afford it)

Luckily for you I did see your kid in the back, if not, there is a good chance I would have slammed my brakes on just so you could hit me and I could prove a point.

Hope you have a great day lady. Hopefully you don't have to rush this afternoon because there is a chance you might not be as lucky.