Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gatsby is my alarm clock

For those of you who have not met Gatsby or even knew I had a dog, here is Gatsby! He's an 8-month-old Yorkie Poodle Mix and the love of my life. :)

Not only does Gatsby bring me love and joy every single day, but he is my own personal alarm clock. The life of sleeping in has been thrown right out the window because usually between 5-5:30 a.m. Gatsby wiggles on my bed, stretches out, jumps off the bed and then scratches the heck out of my door informing me he needs to go out. That scratch is my alarm clock. I have not set an alarm in months because I know he will be my wake up call....I depend on him, he depends on me.

We usually fall back asleep for a little bit before I need to get up for work, but lately because I have been running in the morning I take him out, get changed and hit the streets.

Because he is a dog he probably doesn't realize it, but I am grateful he has me up and moving that early. I am not a morning person (ask my Mom) and would rather be in bed, but for some reason things really clicked today and I'm so thankful he is there in my life (for both waking up but of course the companionship he gives me day in and day out.)

Today we were up at 5:15 a.m.....we got back in the house, my bed looked so comfy, but I pushed through and told myself I was going on a run, no excuse to "sleep only 15 more minutes."

I had a decent run and like usual, this is what I come home to....a sleeping puppy....at least one of us gets to sleep in anymore :)

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