Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A bike fairytale

Once upon a time there was a girl named Amanda who lived in downtown Baltimore. She was a happy lady who loved riding her mint-condition cherry red 1970's Schwinn Traveler III bicycle throughout the city (especially when her roommate Anne would ride along with her on a Schwinn beach cruiser had had a baller basket and bell on it.)

That bike meant a lot to Amanda because it was her mom's bike and she loved that she was given a part of history and giving it a new life again.

One night in November, a Baltimore hoodrat decided to jump over the backyard wall and STEAL Amanda's bike AND Anne's bike from their property.

Their roommate Tristan must sleep like a freight train because she did not hear the hoodrat(s) at all in the back yard despite having her window face the backyard.

Amanda noticed the bikes were missing, called the police and checked to see if they were being sold on Craigslist... all of that effort and the bikes was never seen again.

Here is Amanda with her old bike

Still bitter to this day, Amanda decided that she would start looking at bikes again because while training for her marathon she will need to do some cross training. (what better way then biking!!)

Her cool boss, Aixa, told her about a group called "freecycle"- people who offer items to other individuals FOR FREE.

Amanda thought joining the group can't hurt and maybe she'll be able to find a bike for free on there because a journalist's paycheck won't cut it for a nice bike.

Amanda joined the group and sent out an email saying she was looking for a bike, how her's was stolen..blah blah...she got no response.

Despite feeling down, she tried again one more time. Luckily this time God sent an angel to Amanda and his name was Dennis.

Last night Amanda traveled to Telford to meet Dennis and this bike he was willing to give to her.

Not knowing what to expect, Amanda was hoping for the best and happy to take it in for any repairs it needed. A free bike is a free bike. Shush Amanda!

Pulling up to the house, there he was....a beautiful 1970's Schwinn World Traveler...almost exactly like her old one but in Loyola green.

She knew it was fate and Dennis was an angel sent from above. The bike was in great condition, minimal damage, all orginal parts. Amanda is planning on taking it to Bike Works in Harleysville this evening and getting any repairs it needs.

She shook Dennis' hand and he waived good-bye to the bike saying "Bye baby!"

In his honor, Amanda named her new bike "Dennis" because without him she would be bikeless and hopeless. 

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