Thursday, June 2, 2011

Feel The Beat

A key component for my running game is MUSIC. If I do not have music, I can mentally not run. I physically can not pick up my legs...I get completely psyched out because I can hear how heavy I am breathing and I lose all focus. Does anyone else ever have this problem?

I think it is so interesting how music triggers something in my mind to get my body moving. For me personally, it is key to have a playlist on my ipod that contains a lot of upbeat, techno thumpin, fist pumpin jams that I wear at full max on my headphones (yes I know that is not safe nor healthy for my ears, but it’s how I roll.)

Luckily every race I have ever run in it has allowed me to wear headphones (the Broad Street Run didn’t but considering I’m not an elite runner they didn’t throw me out, thank you Broad Street committee.) I am so happy I can wear them during the marathon in Disney. During my half marathon last December my music literally saved my life because it was a race with hardly any spectators and majority of the time I was by myself.

I will say the biggest challenge is keeping a good fresh playlist. I listen to the SAME SONGS almost every single day and I am at the point where I need some help. So this is why I’m reaching out to you.

I’m looking for 20 new songs to make a playlist and I am going to take them all off of comments on my blog or my Facebook. This will prove to me if people are ACTUALLY READING my blog or if I'm wasting my time. I’m letting you own my ears people, so take full advantage.
See you on the street!


  1. Kill the director by The Wombats
    Techno Fan by The Wombats

  2. Dahler Mendi Tunak Tunak Tun ( no joke)

  3. Oh also, One Night Stand by Sandlot Heroes

  4. adele..rolling in the deep and like earlier my body by young the giant