Friday, May 6, 2011

Mama Calls These My Special Shoes

If there is one lesson I have learned from playing sports and now running, it’s that you need a good pair of shoes!

The biggest mistake I made was running a half marathon in a POS pair of sneakers. Not only did my feet KILL from about mile 8-13, but I could not walk for almost two weeks after the race. The outside and inside center part of my feet on both feet were in excrutiating pain!!! OUCH!! The worst part at the time was I was working as an assistant soccer coach and had to play soccer everyday with feet hurting like this. No fun.
So after learning my lesson and reading my marathon book by U.S. distance runner Kara Goucher, “Running For Women,” I went to the North Wales Running company with my cousin and bought me a fancy pair of sneaks.

The store manager there was super nice and sized me up. He had me walk around the store to see how my feet are shaped and what style would work best for me. He brought out at least 7 pairs to try on and I walked away with a nice pair of Nike’s. Luckily they are not all solid while in color because I hate that.

He said my shoes should last about 400-500 miles so I need to try and mark down how long I’ve been using them (luckily for him/me I bought myself a running journal which I mark down everyday what I do.) He was ecstatic to hear I have a journal, not sure if he was serious or making fun of me, but I think he was serious. He firmly told me to mark down on yesterdays journal day that I “BOUGHT NEW PAIR OF SHOES.”

Thanks for your service North Wales Running company....see you in 400 miles to buy a new pair.

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  1. He def wasnt making fun of you!!! Its super cute you have a journal. Keeping it real girl. Loove you and the new sneaks.