Sunday, May 8, 2011

Holy Hills

Today I spent a lovely morning with two amazing mothers, Shelley Piccirilli (mama bear) and Missy Rohrbaugh (sister bear), in honor of Mother's Day. We went to KOP and then to Legal Seafoods for lunch. My choice of lunch and booze as a drink def made me suffer throughout the day. I also only had a few hours of sleep because I went to bed late and had a dry-heaving puppy at 3 a.m. who threw up once, proceeded to go downstairs and then ate his entire bowl of food. He's so weird!! The combo of both put me in a physical funk with me not feeling very well. Enough of my rambling....

With the gorgeous weather today and with ambition to go on a good run (despite feeling under the weather), I decided to push myself a little bit tonight. I just recently wrote out my marathon training schedule and I have "hill" training days where I will need to run anywhere from 5-10 miles with hills throughout. Right by my house on Anders Road there are HUGE hills, so I decided lets see what I got!!!

I'm really happy with how things went today. I ran 5.25 mills with hills for at least half of that distance. I ran from my house to Fischer's Park, around the Fischer's big loop once, then back to my house. I had several obstacles on the run, dodging 15 deer that were crossing the road, followed shortly by a mama goose and her 10 little babies, and I have to add being extra careful with cars because there were a lot of tight turns and blind spots. I wore a bright orange shirt and at 7 p.m. it was still light out so I made out ok.

It was a TOUGH work out tonight but I'm glad I now know what my starting base is for that run. My legs are definitely going to be feeling it tomorrow.

So here we go week 4..I'm ready to continue to kick your booty! :)

P.S.- Congrats to my cousin Jackie for crushing her 5k time by 8 minutes today at the Iron Pigs 5k race this morning. So proud of you!!!! That time difference is great!!!  Lets get that knee back in tip-top shape and hit the pavement together again! :)

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  1. I cant wait to run hills with you! Can we roll down the other side?? I kid I kid. Great job today! Love you