Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pic's Picks: my top picks of the day to entertain YOUR day

G'Day Mates! Amanda Piccirilli here, a staff writer at The Reporter newspaper in Lansdale. My purpose on this blog is to entertain you in as many ways as possible.  I want to make you laugh. I want to make you think. I want to teach you something you've never learned.  So here is the run down:

Pic's Picks (called Pic's Picks because all of my friends call me Pic b/c my last name is Piccirilli) will be a daily blog, each day having a theme and each day bringing you new/funny/random/entertaining information. The blog days are as follows-

Munchie Monday
Youtube Tuesday
Website Wednesday
Tunes Thursday
Fab Friday
Celeb Saturday
Settle down Sunday

Each day is self explanatory and I hope it makes your day! SO LETS GET THIS THING STARTED!!!!!

For Website Wednesday I have to put the PennDot website. WHY YOU ASK? I just recently moved back to the area (born and raised here) and for as long as I can remember I have ALWAYS wanted a vanity plate. Now that I'm settled back into the mother land, I figured this is my time to go ahead and do it.  Finding this PennDot website has kept me entertained for DAYS because it allows you to put in vanity plates you'd like to get and if it is available or not.  While I do have one in mind (not telling until I get it b/c it IS available), I have spent countless hours typing in absurd vanity plates....funny one, inappropriate ones, obvious one, ones my friends have to see if the thing is lying. You get my drift. If you have any interest in getting one, go ahead and check it out...see if what you want is free or just be easily amused like myself.

Best vanity plate I have EVER seen was when I lived on Cape Cod. Plate said: OHMYCOD

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