Friday, February 4, 2011

FAB FRIDAY!!!! It’s Friday so lets make it fabulous!!!!

FAB FRIDAY!!!! It’s Friday so lets make it fabulous!!!!
Fab info #1: Homegirl on ABC’s Good Morning America hooked us up on weekend deals (as she does every week)

Becky Worley is possibly one of my favorite individuals of all time.

Not only is she happy and smiley every morning (despite it being around 4 a.m. with the California time difference), she makes me happy because she always talks about unbelievable deals.  With the tight budget I live on, this homegirls is legit! Check out all items on sale by going to this link. Trust me, it’s worth it!!! Then after that, read about the coupons below. GREAT STUFF, BECKY!!!

Coupons: Print and Save! (Special thanks to our friends at Dealsplus for this great round up of weekend clothing sales and printable coupons:)
Gloves: 70 percent off. Cabela’s insulated gloves, normally $10, marked down to $2.99 (order online, pick up in store.)
Macy’s Get an extra 20 percent off if you wear red!
Coach Factory Store Get 30% off with this printable coupon.
The Gap Get 40% off all sale items in store with this printable coupon, or 30% off sale items when you use coupon code “GAPSALE30”.
Abercrombie (for all you way too skinny people out there) Twenty percent off entire order with this printable coupon.

Fab info #2: IT’S FRIDAY PEOPLE!!!!

In about three hours most of us will be free and on with our weekend shenanigans.  Anyone doing anything great? Anything you’d like the rest of us to know about? I’ll be honest....what I’m looking forward to most this weekend is:
1. Facebook trash talking about the Super Bowl.
2. Angry Facebook statuses after whichever team loses.
3. Stuffing my face on Sunday and not feeling guilty about it because come on, it’s a special occasion, its the Super Bowl baby.
4. The Super Bowl commercials (which I’m usually more excited about than the game because clearly the Eagles don’t like to play in championship games)
5. Spending time with my amazing family whom I have missed so much the past 6 years. It’s finally time to play catch up.

Fab info #3: Spend your fab Friday with some fabulous people.

Without a question I will be spending my fab Friday with some fabulous people. I have a fab hibachi dinner date with some fab friends tonight. I have a fab family to hang out with later tonight. And I have a fab guy to go home and cuddle all know who that is. Gatsby :)

Have a great weekend everyone.


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